Can You Buy Single Prismacolor Pencils?

I always would use up my white prismacolor pencils long before any of the other pencils.

And spending money on a brand new pack was pointless when all my other pencils were basically unused.

Sometimes you just want to buy one or two single prismacolor pencils. But can you buy single Prismacolor pencils and where do you get them from?

Yes, you can buy single prismacolor pencils in all colors from Amazon or your local art supply store. Individual Prismacolor pencils cost around $2-$8 for one pencil or around $18 for packs of 12.

There are also rare and vintage Prismacolor pencils that can cost even more money.

Where can you buy prismacolor pencils?

There are a variety of different places you can buy singular Prismacolor pencils. The best place I have found to easily buy single prismacolor pencils is Amazon. 

Amazon has a wide variety of single colors and you can find almost any color on there if you know how to search for it. You can also purchase packs of one colour prismacolor pencils.

I personally bought three white prismacolor pencils in a pack together from Amazon and it worked out cheaper than just buying them individually.

Another place to buy single prismacolor pencils is your local art store. Art stores generally stock Prismacolor pencil packs and good quality art stores will also sell single colors, or will be able to order in single colors if they don’t have them in stock.

There should be a few choices at your local art store but there may be limited options, because it is not guaranteed that they will sell the Prismacolor pencil color you are seeking, especially if it’s a more obscure color. 

There are also specialty art supplies stores online where you can buy single prismacolor pencils. The downside of speciality stores is that you often have to pay shipping which can make individual pencils a lot more expensive.

How Much Do Single Prismacolor Pencils Cost?

Single prismacolor pencils range in price, selling for around $2-$8 with common colors like white and black being cheaper and less common colours being more expensive.

You can also buy packs of 12 of common colors for about $18-$20 on Amazon – that works out to only $1.50 per pencil. If you find you’re using one color a lot (like I do with white) then it makes sense to buy them in bulk.

How To Find The Right Prismacolor Pencil Color

Prismacolor pencils have distinctive names as well as number codes on them to distinguish the exact color, a different code for each color.

These codes are called the PC number and you can find the name of the color and the code on the side at the bottom of the pencil.

For example on the white prismacolor PC code is PC938 or “Powder Blue” is PC 1087.

You can find the color name and code for the single pencil you want by looking at your existing pencil, or there are Prismacolor color code guides which show you every single color and their associated code.

This Prismacolor code guide I have found to be very useful.

So when searching for a certain colour, first try by searching for “prismacolor + color name” and see if that shows the exact pencil you are looking for. Alternatively searching for “prismacolor PC 938” etc may help you find the color you are looking for.

Amazon doesn’t seem to have the PC codes in the titles of their listings so it makes it hard to search via PC code on there. However, many art supply stores will use the PC code.

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